Aspell.Net is the one and only Free and Open Source .Net spell checking component.  Based on the GNU Aspell project, Aspell.Net is one of the most powerful multi-lingual spelling engines available.   The API is written in C# and communicates through a C++ wrapper around the Win32 Port of Aspell's C API.

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The following dictionaries are available for GNU Aspell.

Language Name
(In English)
File File Size Principle Author of the Word List Used Copyright Homepage for the Word List Used (if any)
Breton aspell-br-0.50-2.tar.bz2 67 KB Thierry Vignaud GPL  
Catalan aspell-ca-0.50-2.tar.bz2 135 KB Ignasi Labastida i Juan Unknown  
Czech aspell-cs-0.50-2.tar.bz2 448 KB Unknown Unknown  
Welsh aspell-cy-0.50-3.tar.bz2 115 KB Jim Killock GPL Here
Danish aspell-da-0.50-2.tar.bz2 278 KB Skåne Sjælland Linux User Group GPL Here
German aspell-de-0.50-2.tar.bz2 298 KB Björn Jacke GPL Here
Greek aspell-el-0.50-3.tar.bz2 321 KB Evripidis Papakostas GPL Here
English aspell-en-0.51-0.tar.bz2 165 KB Kevin Atkinson Copyrighted Here
Esperanto aspell-eo-0.50-2.tar.bz2 88 KB Unknown Unknown  
Spanish aspell-es-0.50-2.tar.bz2 155 KB Santiago Rodríguez GPL Here
Faroese aspell-fo-0.50-2.tar.bz2 72 KB The Faroese Linux User Group. GPL Here
French aspell-fr-0.50-3.tar.bz2 277 KB Rémi Vanicat GPL Here
Italian aspell-it-0.50-2.tar.bz2 38 KB Unknown Unknown  
Dutch aspell-nl-0.50-2.tar.bz2 419 KB Dirk Vermeir Other Here
Norwegian aspell-no-0.50-2.tar.bz2 280 KB runekl GPL Here
Polish aspell-pl-0.50-2.tar.bz2 305 KB Unknown Unknown  
Portuguese aspell-pt-0.50-2.tar.bz2 197 KB Jose Joao Almeida GPL  
Romanian aspell-ro-0.50-2.tar.bz2 63 KB Ionel Mugurel Ciobîcã Copyrighted  
Russian aspell-ru-0.50-2.tar.bz2 510 KB Unknown Unknown  
Slovak aspell-sk-0.50-2.tar.bz2 239 KB Zdenko Podobný GPL Here
Swedish aspell-sv-0.50-2.tar.bz2 89 KB Martin Norbäck GPL Here
Ukrainian aspell-uk-0.50-3.tar.bz2 374 KB Ukrainian Ispell Dictionary Development Team LGPL/GPL Here

Other Unofficial Dictionaries